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Dr. Tolusso is an amazing dentist. I have recommended her to numerous people because I was so impressed by her care and professionalism when I switched dentists. She demonstrates an ethic of care and is very professional.  All the people who I recommended her to are seeing regularly and will not change dentists because she is so great! I used to HATE the dentist but she has made it bearable. 5 stars from me! - Source Rate MD's

Dr. Tolusso is a wonderful person and dentist. She takes care of our whole family and her assistant Tanya cleans my kids teeth and they love her. The whole staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been with Dr. Tolusso since she started practicing in the Tri-Cities and I completely trust her with all our dental needs.  
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Dr. Tolusso is the best dentist I have had. Her knowledge and attention to detail have made my "dentist anxiety" dissolve. Her records are exact and she follows up with all my concerns. Unlike my previous dentists, Dr. Tolusso takes a 'life long' view to dental care and recommends procedures to support dental health. I highly recommend Dr. Tolusso and her competent and cheerful staff. - Source Rate MD's
Honest, knowlegeable, caring and professional dentist. - Source Rate MD's